Why We’re Different

Sacramento Real Estate Attorneys and Sacramento Realtors

Why are we different?

Easy. Experience. With over 500 short sales negotiated and hundreds of real estate listings handled  you won’t find another real estate agency and its professionals with the experience that we are offering. Simply put, experience does matter, especially when it comes to handling your real estate transaction. We handle all of our negotiations in-house and we are involved in the day to day negotiations and operations of these important negotiations.

Our real estate attorney works hand-in-hand with our brokerage, StoneCrest Realty.  When you hire StoneCrest Realty and our Realtors to represent you if you are buying or selling, you work with us both as real estate agents and as attorneys – that’s our two-in-one promise! As Sacramento Realtors and attorneys we provide complete legal representation that you can count on, because your interests are protected above everything else. Protect yourself, use a attorney to buy or sell your home.

Proven Results

We have absolutely been able to achieve results for our sellers that would not have been able to be achieved had an attorney not been involved in the transaction.  It does make a difference.  Real estate agents who are not educated and licensed as a California attorney are not legally able to give legal advice (nor should they).  As a result they often don’t even know when there is an issue at hand that should require the advice or review of an attorney and so the seller or buyer is the one who is negatively affected.  The consequences can be disastrous.

Many Realtors in this market are claiming to be  experts, specialists, leaders, etc, but you will be hard pressed to find another real estate firm who has even a fraction of the experience we do (we tried and we can’t find one!).

Don’t End Up On The Hook For Your Mortgage After a Short Sale

Our real estate attorney unfortunately has seen situations on a weekly basis of homeowners who used a real estate agent who appeared to be solely focused on their commission, advised their client improperly and in turn the client ended up being harmed.  For example in a short sale situation she has seen numerous times where the real estate agent had the seller sign a short sale approval only to later (months or even years) find out they are being sued by their lender because the language in the short sale approval that they signed with the assistance of their real estate agent, allowed them to do just that.

They trusted their Realtor, and now many of them are suing those same Realtors. Don’t end up as one of them. Get the right representation the first time, you just get one shot at this. This may mean that you aren’t able to use your friend, family member, or neighbor to handle your real estate transaction but remember this is a process wrought with pitfalls and you need the right people to help you navigate it from beginning to end.  Someone who understands the law and can write a legal demand letter if necessary and advise you on all of the important contracts you will be required to sign. 

Please see our results page for more information and to see specific examples of the exact approval letters we have obtained for our clients who needed/wanted to sell their home in this market as a short sale, despite being upside down as more than 42% of the homeowners in our area still are (data from June 2013).

Complimentary Thorough Attorney Consultation

All of our sellers receive a free attorney consultation when they call in to inquire about selling their property in order to properly assess their situation and legal needs.   Likewise all of our buyers receive the same legal review and advice regarding the documents, contracts, disclosures, addendum’s  etc associated with a purchase of a home.

For our clients who have properties that are underwater the free attorney consultation will always discuss taxation issues, liability issues, CCP 726 (one-action rule), CCP 580, ramifications of foreclosure and bankruptcy if the seller is looking at that as an option to deal with other debts, etc.  Also the new laws that affect the client will be discussed.

Our attorneys always do a thorough initial interview to understand our client’s situation, which includes whether the loans are purchase money, recourse or non-recourse loans, who are the lenders and investors, how far underwater the client is, whether there are second mortgages and whether the second mortgages will make deals, whether taxes might be owed, and they will come up with some options for you to consider. They can assure you that your short sale or other real estate issues will be handled correctly, the proper documents signed, and your legal issues dealt with properly. Their job is to look out for your best interest and they have the expertise, education, smarts and knowledge to do exactly that.

We are experienced Sacramento Real Estate Attorneys and Sacramento Realtors. We are a unique and powerful combination and can help you buy Sacramento Real Estate homes or sell Sacramento Real Estate homes with proven results, legal advice and the strategy needed to give you the results you want. Contact us today by clicking HERE or by calling 916-378-5760. We look forward to helping you with all of your Sacramento real estate needs.