Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent and Attorney

Experienced Buyer’s Agent And Attorney

When you are ready to buy a home you will want an experienced buyers agent and attorney to represent you in the transaction.  Since it doesn’t cost you anything, why wouldn’t you?

Buying a home is filled with legal contracts, disclosures, agreements, counters, addendum’s and potential issues.  Why wouldn’t you have an attorney to review and advise you on these? You are clearly best served by not only having an experienced real estate agent handle your home purchase but an experienced real estate attorney there as well to review and advise you on the entire sale process as well as legally represent your best interests.

It is important to leverage the expertise of an attorney to guide you through the sale process.   Whether it is to protect yourself against a future lawsuit against the seller or simply to handle a difficult negotiation with your seller, we have the education, experience and skills to make sure you are protected and represented in the highest capacity.

Protecting Your Interests

Whether you plan to buy your first home, trade up to a larger home or downsize now that your children are out on their own, or relocate to a different area, our experienced real estate attorney can provide you with insight and legal guidance from start to finish.

When representing you in buying a home, we can;

  • Explain the terms of your purchase contract and explain how to draft your offer to best protect your interests.  She knows how to make sure you are protected.
  • Protect you from hidden liabilities with respect to your new home, including issues with defects, disclosures or repairs that pop up after close of escrow.
  • Review real estate documents that relate to your title, mortgage and taxes.
  • Register legal documents pertaining to your real estate transaction.
  • Ensure that you possess valid ownership documentation.

Our real estate attorney is fully equipped to assist you with all of your real estate related needs. Call now to learn more about the real estate law services available to you and to schedule your free attorney consultation.

Why Should You Hire a Buyers Agent and Attorney?

A buyers agent exclusively represents you and your interests, it isn’t always the wisest decision to just write up an offer with the listing agent of a home you may be interested in.  We are working alongside of you from the moment you contact us to begin your search to the day you close escrow to your new home.  It doesn’t end after that either; we enjoy maintaining relationships with all of our clients and are often invited to housewarming parties, birthday parties, etc.

We take the time to discuss and learn about your specific and unique needs for a property and neighborhood and we then tailor our searches and recommendations based on that information. We are able to set up custom reports for listings that are likely to fit your needs that will be emailed to you the minute they hit the market and often before when we know they may be coming on the market.  Since we have a lot of volume we also have relationships with a lot of other agents who will contact us regarding their upcoming listings as they know we are likely to have buyers.  This means that we know about it before it hits the market and before other buyers can learn about it! This gives you a unique advantage.

As a buyer’s agent we are experts in the local market and can advise you on neighborhoods, trends and values.

What Does it Cost to Use a Buyer’s Agent and Attorney?

It costs a buyer NOTHING to use a buyer’s agent and real estate attorney – our buyer’s agent and legal services for our buyers are free to the buyer! Any real estate fees are paid by the seller as is tradition. Not only is it free, but a buyer will actually generally save money using a buyer’s agent because a buyer’s agent only represents their interests. Therefore, your agent will be looking out for you, negotiating the best possible price for you, and saving you time and money along the way.  A good buyer’s agent will also have referrals to trusted, and fair-priced, vendors should the home need any repairs, or remodeling.

Why Should you Hire our Team?

Our legal and real estate services working together is a total real estate solution for you unlike any you have probably experienced before as the education, credentials and experience our team brings together is not easy to find.   The buying process can be very complex.  It takes experienced professionals to help you navigate the maze of distressed properties, traditional properties, multiple offers, fixer-uppers, tenant problems, and financing challenges.  We can help you through the process from beginning to end.  As you have likely heard the market is competitive right now, and you need an aggressive and experienced agent to help you make a successful purchase and to help get your offer noticed.  This is what we are able to bring to the table.

We cover a wide geographic area, and we have experience selling everything from condos and starter homes to rental properties, vacant land, and luxury estates.  We have sold millions in real estate.   In addition to traditional listings many of our sales are short sales and foreclosures, so we know how to successfully navigate these difficult transactions for you as well.  Because of our sales volume we have excellent relationships with many banks, asset managers and other agents – which are all crucial in helping your purchase offer get the attention it deserves.

We are experienced Sacramento Real Estate Attorneys and Sacramento Realtors. We are a unique and powerful combination and can help you buy Sacramento Real Estate homes or sell Sacramento Real Estate homes with proven results, legal advice and the strategy needed to give you the results you want. Contact us today by clicking HERE or by calling 916-378-5760. We look forward to helping you with all of your Sacramento real estate needs.