About Short Sales and The Short Sale Process

Short selling a property can be a long process. Read below to find out about short sales and the short sale process.

The first step is to contact us and schedule your complimentary attorney consultation. At this consultation you will discuss your specific situation and your particular goals and the attorney will give you their advice on strategy and game plan.

The next step in the short sale process should you choose to short sell your property is that we will work on preparing your property to be listed.  We will coordinate open houses or showings and collect offers.  We will then advise you on the best offer to select.  At the same time we will be working with you to gather and prepare the necessary short sale paperwork.  We assist you in filling out this important paperwork and an attorney always reviews and suggests edits with all financial worksheets and hardship letters.  When an offer has been selected and all of the paperwork has been completed the entire short sale package will be submitted to your lender for short sale approval.

We then negotiate with your lenders, first, second, third etc.   There are typically two primary hurdles to short sales. The first is getting bank approval for the sale and the second is to attract a qualified buyer who will stick around. The largest issue with these hurdles is that there is a defined timeframe and if the sale is not done in time, the bank may foreclose on the property once payments are delinquent.

In short sales – experience matters, telling the story of why you should be approved as a short sale matters. That is why you hire a short sale attorney who can help.

There are many steps to the short sale process. We have a detailed step by step guide about the short sale process that we make available to all of our clients, once our services are retained.


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