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The Fabulous 40’s neighborhood is part of the East Sacramento district. President Ronald Reagan lived at 1341 45th Street while serving most of his term as Governor of California. The “Fab 40′s” is the historic terminus of a once extensive streetcar network that covered nearly all the historic neighborhoods of the city. Forty-sixth street at J Street was the turnaround point for the J Street Line making it one of the widest streets in East Sacramento. The lots between 38th and 46th Streets and bordered by J Street and Folsom Boulevard are among the largest in East Sacramento, creating the concentration of larger houses that gave rise to the area’s name. Up until the Great Depression, the grand homes of the “Fab 40′s” were considered to be the modern day equivalent of a suburban mansion. Now they are considered architecturally spectacular large to mid-sized houses in a very pricey location. Additionally the demand for larger and more modern housing has created an interesting surge in the number of remodels and multi story additions throughout the McKinley Park and East Sacramento community. The Fabulous 40′s neighborhood is home to a deodar cedar tree (cedrus deodara) that is over 100 years old.

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