Your Realtor Can Make or Break Your Short Sale

How To Pick A Short Sale Realtor-How To Short Sale

When representing a homeowner in a short sale negotiation there are several important factors that can make or break a short sale negotiation in terms of knowing how to short sale and picking the best short sale Realtor, they are;

1. Market the home quickly and effectively.

Get the property the attention it needs quickly to bring the offers in at the right price, then choose the best one with the most committed buyer. Price is important though. If the offers aren’t high enough or in line with their BPO (brokers price opinion) they will be rejected by the bank.

Many agents say that they will market your home, but most of the time that just means listing it on the MLS, making a flyer and putting up a sign. We take it to the next level. We utilize social media, reverse prospecting, the internet and SEO (search engine optimization) like no other real estate agents we have met do in order to benefit you in addition to all of the traditional tools used.

Co-owner and real estate broker Jason Litchney is a dual degreed Ivy League trained Engineer and software programmer who is experienced with marketing on the web and SEO strategy. Each listing we take gets its own website created (free of charge) with its property address and then relevant links and SEO strategy are performed on each website. Statistics show that over 85% of homebuyers use the internet to find a home, as such that is where our efforts are focused.

2. Pick the right offer.

This has a lot to do with the type of buyer and it is not always just about the highest offer. You want a buyer who is going to stick around through the short sale process, which can be long and tedious depending on lender, number of mortgages involved, etc. You want a buyer who is truly interested in the home, not one who is going to place 10 offers and go with the first one to close, walking away from the other 9 leaving the homeowners possibly close to foreclosure and perhaps even a short sale approval…but no buyer. 

3. Negotiate with the lender effectively.

This involves knowing the process forward and backward and knowing the tricks to keeping a file on track and on its way to a great approval. This does not involve “beating up” the assigned lender’s negotiator (as the saying goes…you get more bees with honey), but it does require knowing when and with whom to escalate issues. 

4. Legal review of the approval.

Just because a lender has issued a short sale approval does not mean that the homeowner is in the clear. We have seen many scary and downright illegal approval letters; it is amazing what the lenders will try to hide in an approval letter (a legally binding contract), hoping that the homeowner won’t read or understand what they are signing. Advice regarding the approval letter is a crucial component to any short sale and as the DRE recommends should only be performed by a licensed attorney, and should be one who is EXPERIENCED in short sales.

5. Dealing with obstacles with legal tactics.

If an obstacle in the short sale process presents itself, you need representation that can offer you a number of ways to deal with that obstacle. Through utilization of the legal services offered by our licensed attorneys we open up a bunch of legal options that may be useful in 1. Getting an approval 2. Making sure it is an approval that protects you and 3. Postponing a sale date should one be set while negotiations are in process.

This page explains how to pick an experienced Sacramento short sale lawyer and Sacramento Realtor as they know how to short sale effectively.

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