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Legal Services-Using A Real Estate Attorney for Your Real Estate Needs

Attorney Real Estate California

Our real estate attorney works hand-in-hand with our real estate brokerage, StoneCrest Realty.   When you hire StoneCrest Realty to represent you if you are buying or selling, you work with us both as real estate agents and as attorneys – that’s our two-in-one promise! As attorneys we provide complete legal representation that you can count on, because your interests are protected above everything else. Protect yourself, use a real estate attorney to buy or sell your home.

Selling a home is filled with legal contracts, disclosures, agreements and potential issues.  Why wouldn’t you have a real estate attorney to review and advise you on these? You are clearly best served by not only having an experienced real estate agent handle your listing but an experienced real estate lawyer there as well to review and advise you on the entire sale process as well as legally represent your best interests.

It is important to leverage the expertise of a real estate attorney to guide you through the sale process.   Whether it is to protect yourself against a future lawsuit from either the buyer or lender (in case of a short sale) or simply to handle a difficult negotiation with your  buyer or lender, we have the education, experience and skills to make sure you are protected and represented in the highest capacity.

Our principal attorney and her associates have consulted with and assisted 14,000 individuals, business owners, and families. Our real estate attorney practices in the field of real estate law including transactions involved with buying and selling real estate.  As she handled more and more of these transactions and dealt with real estate agents and their brokers, she realized her clients would definitely benefit from real estate brokerage services as well. StoneCrest Realty was thus born and quickly rose to the top.

With this model, we’re able to represent you as your lawyers, not just as your agents. This makes a big difference – and we offer expertise and services that conventional real estate agents can’t. As lawyers, we have a legal obligation that real estate agents do not have to adhere to – which means we are always looking out for your best interests.

Protecting Your Interests

Whether you plan to buy your first home, trade up to a larger home or downsize now that your children are out on their own, or relocate to a different area, our experienced real estate attorney can provide you with insight and legal guidance from start to finish.

If you are buying a home, we can;

  • Explain the terms of your purchase contract and explain how to draft your offer to best protect your interests.  Our attorney knows how to make sure you are protected.
  • Protect you from hidden liabilities with respect to your new home, including issues with defects, disclosures or repairs that pop up after close of escrow.
  • Review real estate documents that relate to your title, mortgage and taxes.
  • Register legal documents pertaining to your real estate transaction.
  • Ensure that you possess valid ownership documentation.

If you are selling a home, we can;

  • Review the terms of the purchase contract and advise on any counters or addendums required from the buyer.
  • Advise you on the disclosures you are required to make to the buyer to make sure you are best protected from any future lawsuits from the buyer.
  • Ensure that your purchase and sale agreement terms properly protect your interests.
  • Review any title issues that may come up including any liens or judgments recorded to the property.
  • Represent you during negotiations with the buyer.
  • Facilitate the closing.
  • Write legal demand letters if necessary
  • Negotiate with lenders (for short sales)
  • Review short sale approval contracts and affidavits that you are required to sign (for short sales)

About Attorney Real Estate California and Realtor, Sarah Litchney:

Sarah Litchney is a licensed California real estate Broker and attorney. StoneCrest Realty is a full service residential and commercial real estate brokerage. Our principal attorney’s practice centers on transactional real estate work. She represents developers, investors, and individual buyers and sellers and their funds in a wide range of matters including acquisitions, dispositions, development, leasing, financing, short sales, general real estate transactions and foreclosures. Her clients range from individuals,  investors, corporations, and institutions across all asset classes of real estate, including residential, multi-family and commercial.

Raised in California, Sarah attended and received her bachelors of science from an East Coast Ivy League University and is a graduate of Cornell University in New York, and a graduate of University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento.  Sarah is a multi-talented professional equipped to meet every challenge of today’s real estate market. A Sacramento area resident since 2002, Sarah’s enthusiasm for real estate, detail-oriented approach, legal background and vast experience (of which most attorneys practicing many decades don’t have) make her the right choice for your real estate needs.

Sarah’s understanding of the fluctuating market and familiarity with the area gives her clients the most current and comprehensive information on which to draw when making important decisions. Skilled in both marketing and promotion in traditional and internet environments, Sarah creates marketing plans specific to each client’s needs, ensuring that each home stands out. If you are looking to buy a home, Sarah’s depth of experience and thoughtful counsel afforded throughout the process make for the finest possible representation in the industry.  Sarah’s approach to client service exemplifies integrity and an unwavering commitment to her clients’ complete satisfaction.

Attorney and real estate broker Sarah Litchney is fully equipped to assist you with all of your real estate related needs. Call now to learn more about the real estate law services available to you and to schedule your free attorney consultation.

We are experienced Sacramento Real Estate Attorneys and Sacramento Realtors. We are a unique and powerful combination and can help you buy Sacramento Real Estate homes or sell Sacramento Real Estate homes with proven results, legal advice and the strategy needed to give you the results you want. Contact us today by clicking HERE or by calling 916-378-5760. We look forward to helping you with all of your Sacramento real estate needs.