Established Proven Selling Plan-Helps You Sell

Read More About Our Established Proven Selling Plan And How It Helps You Sell:

If you are considering listing your property for sale, you need an experienced agent who has a marketing plan that is established and is proven to work. Read on to find some highlights of our selling plan and contact us to find out more about how we will successfully sell your property.  Some or all of these may be used depending on your preferences, the type of listing (short sale, traditional or luxury) and curent market conditions for the value of the home.

Internet Advertising Saturation for Ultimate Exposure.  Your property will be professionally advertised on all of the top real estate websites, with premium position on major sites such as,,, and more.  We generate thousands of clicks to our properties every month.  Furthermore, over 85% of buyers begin their search online. It is crucial for your property to be highly visible throughout the web.

Network and Connections. We will use our extensive network and connections to shop your home to before it even hits the market.  We have investors we work with for certain properties who we have experience with who often use cash and can close quickly.

Professional Photography and Image Editing.  Buyers decide whether or not to see your property from the online photos – for our traditional and luxury listings we want to make sure your house looks perfect so it stands out among the crowd, with a professional photographer and a professional photo editor to improve the images.  We use one of the top photograhers in the area.

This is not necessary and can actually be detrimental for short sale listings, depending.  Currently inventory for distressed properties is low, so finding buyers is not typically an issue.  In addition, if a home is over-valued by a lender at more than a buyers lender will appraise it for, value disputes can take months and may end up in foreclosure if the market won’t support and a buyer won’t pay what the bank is asking in order to approve the short sale.

Skilled Negotiation.  Work with an agent and attorney who have experience handling all property types and situations as well as managing multiple offer situations for our clients. We are expert negotiators and communicators. We develop a rapport with other agents and know how to frame the situation, offers, and counteroffers to generate the best possible results for our clients without being adverserial.

Price Your Home To Net You the Most Money.  We will review recent sales comparables with you and determine the best listing strategy for your home to get you the most offers and ultimately the best possible price for your property.

Extensive Advertising.  In addition to heavy web advertising, we have a huge database of agents and buyers to which we will email blast your property.

Public and Brokers’ Open Houses A brokers’ open allows agents from all offices to view your home and set up appointments for their clients to view your property. Public open houses increase buyer traffic to your home. More traffic translates to more offers.  Depending on the type of home you are selling using these methods can be very effective.

Stage Your Home – Showing Your Home in its Best Light.  Our extensive experience with both buyers and sellers has shown us what details buyers pay attention to. We can help ensure your home is in tip-top condition to grab even the most discerning buyer’s attention and have professional home stagers we work with to get the best results.

Property Address Website. Your home is important and deserves its very own website. Our team consists of experts at marketing, as well as search engine optimization, which ensures that your property website gets priority placement across the web for those looking for certain keywords that will associate with your property.  This strategy has proven to be very successful.

Constant Communication and Frequent Feedback.  We will be there for you every step of the way, giving you consistent feedback and honest advice throughout the process. We will always look out for your best interests and ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Our Established Proven Selling Plan gives you tips to help sell your home and helps you sell your home.


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