Testimonials and Reviews

StoneCrest Realty Reviews and Testimonials; from our clients about their positive experiences

Below are just some of the positive and glowing testimonials and heartfelt thank you’s that we have received! We are grateful to have had such a positive impact on so many of our clients’ lives and look forward to many more.

I used Litchney Law Firm to help me with my short sale and Jason Litchney with StoneCrest Realty listed my home for sale. My experience was first class from beginning to end. From the initial consultation with my attorney there was regular communication to ensure everything was proceeding smoothly. Everything was handled professionally and expeditiously with the sale of the property, it was an excellent experience and I will be recommending your services! Thank you!

…Jim M.

Thank you for helping me with my short sale.  I had a very positive experience with Litchney Law Firm.  There were many many hurdles to overcome in completing my short sale but I had very capable help from all the specialists who walked me through and made this sale possible.  Barbara and Kelly were on top of everything throughout and very pleasant to work with.  Jason Litchney delivered on his promises.   My experience was a very pleasant one and I would recommend Litchney Law Firm and StoneCrest Realty to others.  The peace of mind of having both the law firm and my realtor on my side was great.  The short sale process was definitely very cumbersome but they made it as easy as possible.  My only job was to provide timely information and return signed documents in a timely fashion.

…Rejali S.

We used the services of Litchney Law Firm and StoneCrest Realty for our short sale and it was a successful transaction.  They were very professional at all times and always communicated every step of what was happening behind the scenes.  Jason Litchney with StoneCrest Realty was also very professional and did everything in his powers to get the property sold as fast as possible.  We had a very positive experience and will be recommending your services to those we know! Thank you!

…Mike M.

Thank you very much for helping me find a great house at a great price.  Jason is very professional and knows the real estate market.  He worked very hard to communicate and resolve unforeseen potential issues before they were issues.  As a result the transaction went smooth and the results were excellent. Thanks again for all you did to facilitate our house purchase transaction. We are happy with our decision and were very happy with the service you provided.

…Angela L.

I have done several real estate transactions utilizing Jason Litchney and Litchney Law Firm.  I have had a great experience with all of them, on a scale of 1 to 10, definitely a 10.  All of my emails were returned promptly, all of my questions were always answered as you would expect from a solid business in a professional manner.  I specifically recommend your services for any complicated transactions like short sales.  I am assured that the transaction gets done with my best interests in mind.

Jason Litchney helped my relatives and myself a lot.  I really appreciate his help.  If you want to experience the golden rule applied in a real life situation-i recommend Jason Litchney and his team to work with for any of your real estate needs.  I would recommend Litchney law Firm to everybody I know who needs highly professional assistance in various aspects of real estate.  I very satisfied with everything that was done. I think you guys have to expand your business to service more people struggling either with no help or poor/unprofessional service.

…Al Y.

I sold my home using the services of StoneCrest Realty and Litchney Law Firm.  I had a great experience and everyone I had contact with was very helpful. Jason was knowledgeable in how to stage my house to get to get top dollar as my home was not a short sale and the changes to make and I think that and the excellent photographer that Jason hired and paid to photograph the house helped to sell it. Jason was careful to research the current value of my home thoroughly so that the price was set correctly and skilfully negotiated with the buyer’s agent so that the transaction proceeded very smoothly with no issues. It closed fast and I will definitely be recommending you to others.

…Laurie A.

Thank you very much for your effortless and excellent assistance that you performed during the short sale transition of my former home. I cried when I left the house for the last time because that’s the first house that my husband and I bought. We did a lot of improvements on that property. Lastly, thank you very much for your firm (Laurie, Sarah, Jason, Crystal) and it’s a pleasure doing business with your company.

…Milagros C.

I want to extend my heart-felt “thanks” to you, Jason Litchney, Sarah Litchney, Laurie Alexander, and the staff — Crystal Hedges, Sarah Wessel, Renee Bower (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone) — for all the hard work you’ve accomplished in helping me to avoid foreclosure. Although my home threw a wrench into the works (broken hot water pipes, leaks, etc.), you didn’t miss a beat. I could not have done the short sale without the law firm’s expertise and guidance throughout the whole proceedings. I wish the Litchney Law Firm and StoneCrest Realty all the best in a successful and thriving business.

…Cheryl S.

Wow. Will you please work on all my short sales going forward!!! What a wonderful experience so far. Thanks so much.

…Buyer’s agent on a short sale, Della

I was the buyer’s agent on one of your listings. I had a great experience with StoneCrest Realty and with Jason Litchney.  Jason and his team and professional and great at short sales.  I had a very positive experience and there was not anything that could have been done differently. Jason’s assistant, Kelly, did a fantastic job!

…Buyer’s agent on a short sale, Kevin G.


We at StoneCrest Realty are happy to have received so many positive testimonials, positive reviews from happy clients. We strive to serve our clients so that they are satisfied with their experience, get the result they were desiring and recommend our services to their friends and family. Our referrals are our highest form of compliments!

The results shown are not indicative of a result that you may receive as all cases and clients’ financial situations are different. We do not guarantee any results. Please be careful of any company that does, guarantees in this industry and in the legal field in general are impossible.